Is Your Dog Scratching More Than Usual? They Might Have Dry Skin

If your dog is itching itself more than usual, they may have dry skin. If you're asking "what can I put on my dog for dry skin?" keep reading.

Our Feline Friends Get Acne, Too

Did you know cats can get breakouts? Cat chin acne is common and easy to treat if caught. In this article we look at nine treatment options.

Winter Paw Protection: Top 3 Dog Boots for Your Furry Friend

Dog boots for winter are essential in making sure your dog's paws don't get damaged by salt, snow, or ice. Here are the top three brands to try.

Do Cats Actually Need Baths? The Answer May Surprise You

Do cats need baths? Cats are naturally clean creatures, but there are some cases where it takes more than a pink tongue to clean. Learn more here.

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