The Pros and Cons of Dog Booster Shots

Pets are like our babies, and we do everything to keep them healthy. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of dog booster shots.

Love Getting Outside with Your Dog? Here’s How to Protect Your Dog from Ticks

This guide to flea and tick prevention for dogs will ensure your best friend stays tick-free and is therefore not at risk for serious diseases.

Top 5 Human Foods You Shouldn’t Feed to Your Dog

Is human food bad for dogs? Some foods we eat are not healthy for our furry friends. Read our list of five foods to avoid to protect your pet.

Royal Cats of Siam: A Guide to the Siamese Cat Breed

Siamese cats are one of the oldest recognized breeds in the world. They are informally referred to as the "royal cats of Siam," now Thailand.

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