The True Meaning Behind a ‘Cat Nap’

Have you ever wondered "why do cats sleep so much?" Well, on top of being a top sleeper in the animal kingdom, there are many reasons. Learn more here.

4 Allergy-Relief Methods for Dogs

If your dog itches and seems to have an upset stomach, they could have allergies. You may wonder "what can I give my dog for allergies?" Find out here.

A Heart Murmur in Dogs: What Does It Mean?

A heart murmur in dogs can be caused by a serious health condition. Here's all you need to know and when to talk to your vet.

Does Your Cat Refuse to Use the Litter Box? Try These 4 Potty-Training Tips

For most cats, using a litter box is second nature, but for others it can be difficult business. Here's how to train a cat to use a litter box.

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