Love Getting Outside with Your Dog? Here’s How to Protect Your Dog from Ticks

This guide to flea and tick prevention for dogs will ensure your best friend stays tick-free and is therefore not at risk for serious diseases.

Careers for Animal-Lovers: How to Become a Veterinarian Technician

For those looking for a career working with animals, earning your veterinary technician certification is a great idea. Learn how to become a vet tech here.

9 Important Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet

Responsible pet ownership starts with ensuring you are completely prepared for all aspects of getting a pet. Here are nine things you should consider before bringing home a pet.

From Routine Check-Ups to Emergencies: How to Find a Good Vet for Your Pet

Whether you have a cat or a dog, you need a trusted veterinarian who can be relied upon for check-ups and emergencies. Here are some tips on how to find a vet.

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