More Important Than You Think

Dog collars are more than something to simply wear. They are also used for walking, training, holding valuable forms of identification, and, for some, to show off a fashionable flair. However, not all collars are made alike. You may find yourself in the collar and leash aisle of your local pet store with far more options than you anticipated.

So, which collar is the right one for your pet? Does it really matter? What benefits will one type have over another? Here’s a list to help you along with your decision!

Rolled or Flat Collars

Flat collars are the go-to for most pet owners. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fancy styles, which allows owners to easily express their pet’s sense of fashion. You will find these collars with either buckles or quick release clasps, with many preferring to use the buckle variety for strong dogs. Rolled collars work much the same way, however, the style allows for less surface area to rub against the dog’s skin and fur.

Another ‘plus’ for these collars is that they often come with a D-ring to hold your dog’s ID tag, license, and rabies tag. These tags are crucial for assisting with finding your dog if they ever became lost.

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