Chain Slip Collars

Chain slip, or choke chain collars, are not suggested for everyday use. These collars should be used for training purposes only. Corrections, when conducted properly, are to provide a quick tightening around the neck from the tug of the leash.

While these collars may help with teaching your dog how to properly walk on the leash, most professional trainers have steered away from their use. Choke chains are generally not recommended, as they can easily damage your dog’s neck if not used properly. They can also prove to be a strangulation hazard for your dog, so do not leave them unattended when wearing one.

You will definitely want to stay away from this type of collar if you have a dog that has more bulging eyes, smaller or shorter throats, and/or those with short noses. Pug parents, beware! This is not the collar you’re looking for.

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