Prong Collars

Although the Prong Collar looks like a torture device, some say this type of collar is safer than the use of a choke chain. The prongs are spread out in such a manner that the force of a correction is distributed more evenly, meaning less pressure on the neck because of the greater surface area.

The idea behind their use in training is similar to the chain slip variety. While they can help certain dogs lose their willingness to pull, some pet owners have found that the use of these collars has worked against them.

If you have a dog that tends to be more fearful of situations, people, or other dogs, this is not the collar for you. Often, the dog will associate all the negative feelings provided by the collar from your corrections with what they fear. If your dog is more excitable, this isn’t the collar for you either.

The pinching sensation can actually work to increase their excitement, making them act out even more. Overall, this collar is another that isn’t typically recommended.

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