Sweet Doggy Dreams

Every dog needs a bed where they can feel comfortable and secure. If you are considering a new purchase, you might want to check out the benefits of different types of dog beds, and what to look for when making your selection.

The Benefits of Giving Your Dog Their Own Bed

Den Animals

Dogs are den animals. In the wild they choose an area which is their territory,  where they can retreat to for safety and comfort. Giving your dog their own bed will fulfill this need.

Warmth and Comfort

A bed keeps your dog off the floor and protects them from drafts. A soft surface will also make your dog more comfortable and protect joints, especially as they age. We all know that a puppy can fall asleep almost anywhere, even face down in their food bowl, but as a dog ages they need a little more luxury.

Easy to Clean

If your dog sleeps mainly in one place, this will be the area where most of their hair and dander accumulates. This makes it much easier to clean, and if you choose a bed with a detachable cover, you can simply vacuum it and then pop it in the washing machine.

Different Dog Bed Options

You only have to browse the aisles of a pet store to realize there are a wide range of dog beds available. The one you select will come down to a mixture of personal choice in terms of material type and color, what’s best for the size and breed of your dog, whether it’s very hot or cold where you live, and if your dog has any particular requirements.

There are hard beds made from plastics to which you can add cushioning; beds with a roof; dog cocoons; orthopedic beds for dogs with joint issues or who are aging; very smart four-poster beds; and even fun dog beds in the shape of cartoon characters or items of food.

How to Make the Right Choice?

There are a number of factors to consider when you are choosing a bed for your dog.

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Your Dog Loves to Chew

If your dog is prone to chewing, you will want to carefully consider the price of the bed, and also the material it is made from. If your dog works its way through a bed a month, it’s going to get expensive fast if you are buying a new top of the range bed each time.

You also need to consider that your dog may swallow some of what it chews, so make sure the fabric and stuffing is safe and non-toxic. If possible, try to give your dog plenty of other toys to chew to make the bed last as long as possible.


As mentioned earlier, you will need to wash the bed covering a couple times per month, so make sure it’s easy to detach. If you have a very large dog, ensure the cover will fit in your washing machine. Otherwise you may need to get it commercially cleaned.

Consider the material used in the bed as this will be in contact with your dog’s skin for long periods of time. If you can, opt for cotton, as it’s breathable and cool in summer and warm in winter. Organic cotton, which hasn’t been treated with any chemicals, is the best choice, but may blow your budget.


Dog beds will be stuffed with a variety of fillings, from polyester to feathers, and much more. Avoid beds filled with cedar shavings as many dogs are sensitive to this substance. Always read the label and go for the best choice you can afford.

Once you have selected your dog bed, choose where you are going to place it. The best place is somewhere away from your home’s traffic flow, so your dog can get some sleep without being disturbed. Keep the dog bed away from noise, such as the washing machine or television. Position your dog’s toys close to their bed so they have something to chew on if they get bored.

Some dogs may even enjoy sleeping with their favorite toy for security.

Now whenever your dog needs to take a little time out from the companionship of their best friend, they can head to their new dog bed and spend hours dreaming of their next walk with you.