Give Your Bird All It Needs

Birds make great companions, and some can even chat with you, so let’s make sure that if you are bringing one home for the first time, you have all their needs covered. Birds need quite a lot of equipment and they love toys, so you should always make sure what you are buying is non-toxic, uses safe dyes, and doesn’t pose a choking hazard.

Living Cage

The size of this will depend on what species of bird you get. As a minimum, the cage needs to be big enough for the bird to spread and flap its wings, although the more space you can provide the better. Different birds also have different needs.

For example, parrots like to climb, so a vertical cage is good for them. The spaces between the bars also need to be species-safe so your pet’s head or foot cannot get trapped.

It’s also important to give your bird plenty of time outside their cage to fly and exercise. This not only relieves boredom but keeps them fit and healthy. Ensure their free time is done in a safe environment, and they cannot escape through any open doors or windows.

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