Leave a Lasting Tribute to Your Pet

Pets provide their owners with companionship and unconditional love during their lives, and their passing is often very difficult. Many pet owners acknowledge the important part the pet played in their life and honor their memory with personalized pet memorials.

Pet Memorial Markers

One of the simplest types of pet memorials is a grass marker, which is engraved and lies flat on the ground above your pet's final resting place. Marker pet memorials are often in the shape of a rectangle and are made from granite or other stone, or from a composite material that simulates stone, such as polyresin. Some pet markers are attached to pet urns, providing a memorial and a final resting place in one.

Pet Memorial Headstones

Traditional headstones for pets are similar to those for people but are often a bit smaller. These stone pet memorials sit upright and memorialize a pet's burial spot or perhaps a pet's favorite location. Headstones are made of marble, granite or other stone and are engraved most often with a pet's name and dates, as well as other sentiments selected by the owner. Sometimes, these memorial headstones can be more elaborate, such as a box-style stone with engraving on the side and a statue atop the memorial.

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Pet Memorial Garden Stones

A more natural look in pet memorials is a pet memorial stone made from a natural piece of rock, such as a river rock. These stones have an authentic rounded shape and are engraved with name, dates and sentiments. Pet memorial garden stones are equally at home in a pet cemetery, over a home burial site, or in your home garden as a memorial rather than a marker.

Where to Buy Pet Memorials

Your veterinarian's office may be able to order a memorial for your pet, and local marble and granite shops also are a good source of pet memorial options. There is an abundance of online pet memorials suppliers, with your choice of materials, shapes and sizes. Make sure to look at each supplier's samples, especially of the engraving, as you will want to purchase your pet memorial from an experienced engraver so that you will be satisfied with the final product.