Urns to Honor Your Pet's Remains

The loss of a much-loved pet can be as devastating as the loss of any family member. Using pet urns for your pet's remains can be a special final resting place as well as a tasteful way for you to remember your cherished companion. You can arrange to have your pet cremated and then place its ashes into a specially selected pet urn for you to treasure.

Pet Urn Considerations

Following a pet cremation, you will most often receive your pet's remains in a plastic bag placed within a temporary plastic or cardboard container. Once you have selected your urn, the simplest way to transfer the ashes is by moving the entire plastic bag into the memorial urn.

To select the correct size of memorial urn for your pet, a good rule of thumb is to allow at least one cubic inch of capacity for every pound of your pet's normal healthy weight. For example, if your pet weighed 40 pounds, then the urn you select will need an internal capacity of at least 40 cubic inches.

Pet urns can vary widely in their costs. If you intend to bury the urn and plant a tree or erect a pet memorial stone in your pet's memory, as many pet owners like to do, then a simple urn will do. However, if you wish to display your memorial urn, then you may want to choose a more decorative one. Veterinary offices can be good places to purchase pet urns, and many online sites sell wholesale pet urns at very affordable rates.

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Types of Pet Urns

There are many different styles of pet urns from which to choose, including:

  • Wooden pet urns which are usually in the shape of a simple box or, in the case of a portrait urn, a thick wooden picture frame
  • Ceramic pet urns which can be made out of glass, pottery or composite materials and are often in a classic round shape with a lid on top
  • Granite pet urns or other types of stone urns, such as Egyptian pet urns that depict Anubis, the god of mummification, or Bastet, the cat goddess
  • Personalized pet urns or an engraved plaque that can be attached to almost any urn, on which the pet's name and dates can be recorded
  • Keepsake pet urns which can be small lockets containing a lock of your pet's hair or a small portion of its ashes

Losing a pet can be devastating, but a memorial urn is a great way to ensure your pet remains in your home as well as your heart.