Easiest Fish to Take Care Of

For beginners looking for a pet, a fish can be a great option. While some need extensive care and do not make good beginner pets, there are different species that can be low maintenance and offer beginners the right start as an aquarist. Here we will take a look at the easiest fish to take care of.

Having a Fish as a Pet

There are many pros and cons to having a fish as a pet. They make awesome and potentially awe-inspiring pets, but they do need care, such as maintaining the right water pH. Here are some of the pros and cons of having a fish tank and fish in your home.

Pros of Having a Fish

Fish tend to be inexpensive, especially when you are starting out and not investing in a rare or expensive species. Many fish only cost a few dollars each, such as betta fish or goldfish. The tank itself tends to be the most expensive part of the investment and it can often be used for a long period of time.

Pet Stores Make it Easy

It is usually pretty easy to go out and pick out a fish. Most pet stores have an aquarium section with a range of different fish. It may get a little harder if you are looking for a more exotic species, but for beginners starting out, the pet store has plenty of options.

If you want more fish, it is often easy to add more fish to the aquarium, as long as the size of your tank will support more fish. It is important to do a little research here, as some fish do not make good tankmates. For example, betta fish tend to live solitary lives and will fight and kill other fish. You will also want to learn how to acclimate fish to the tank, which depends on your fish species.

Fish Tanks Add Aesthetic

Fish tanks make a great decoration for your house. In addition to being able to add colorful fish to the tank, you can add an assortment of different decorations into the tank itself. Add unique features such as colorful rocks or a little castle for your fish to swim in and out of.

Not Much Work

It should go without saying, but fish, especially in a decorative tank, are lovely to look at. They can be highly entertaining, especially for children to watch how they swim around and behave. You can spend time bonding with your fish. As crazy as it might seem, some fish will learn to recognize when you enter a room and some even like to be petted gently. They will not necessarily jump up like a dog when you come home, but they are much less work.

Cons of Having a Fish

When you have a fish tank, it is important to manage the water carefully. Different parameters are vital to keep in balance, such as the temperature of the water and pH levels. These can affect your fish's survival. When you look at getting a new fish and bringing it into an established tank, you will need to make sure that the new fish can survive in the type of water you already have established, especially since some fish are very sensitive to changes.

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Maintaining Cleanliness Can Be Difficult

In addition to maintaining the water, you need to keep the fish tank clean. The water in the tank needs to be changed regularly, which must be done carefully, especially if you have sensitive fish. How often you need to change the water depends upon what kinds of fish you have, your tank set-up and how big your tank is.

Fish Die Easily

Unfortunately, death can be pretty common with fish. There are many factors that can influence this and your tank's water getting a little out of balance is enough to wipe out an entire population. In some cases, your fish may even develop diseases and fish veterinarians are not easy to find.

Fish Tanks are Hard to Move

Another thing to consider with fish tanks is that moving can be very difficult. Your fish need to be handled carefully, often gently put into bags, after which you empty the tank. If moving takes too long, your fish may die because the water is not being cleaned or aerated and feeding fish in the bags can be difficult.

Easiest Fish to Take Care Of

Betta Fish

Betta fish are considered one of the lowest maintenance fish. They can live in small containers and they tend to be beautiful to look at. Unfortunately, these Siamese Fighting Fish tend to be rather violent and will fight other fish, so they have to be kept isolated.


The ever-popular Goldfish tends to be chosen for its wide range of colors and there are some fancy varieties that feature traits such as big eyes. These fish tend to be excellent fish for beginners, but they do prefer their water to be cooler. They also tend to be messy eaters, so a tank with Goldfish in it will usually need to be cleaned more frequently than a tank without one.

Black Molly

The Black Molly is another excellent fish for tanks. They tend to be great with other fish and can live in a range of different tank and water types. These passive fish can live in everything from fresh to salt water. The biggest downside is if they do not have enough vegetation when they have young, they may eat their offspring.


Platies tend to be a passive fish species that gets along well with other fish. They come in a range of different colors and breeders are always looking for new or interesting color combinations. They are not usually picky eaters and will eat just about everything, including algae in the tank, helping you to keep the environment clean.

In Summary

Fish are a great beginner pet and there are a range of different types that can satisfy anyone. Typically, the pros of owning a pet fish outweigh the cons, as they are often easy keepers, especially species such as Goldfish and Platies. Just remember that keeping the water maintained at an optimal balance is extremely important and can require some work on your part.