Wiggly Noses and Long Ears

If you’re looking for a pet with personality, you may find your interests steering towards rabbits. These quirky, fun, and cute companions can be an ideal addition to the family. There are many breeds of rabbits to choose from, so finding the right one may seem overwhelming at first.

The best thing to keep in mind is whether you are truly committed to sharing your household with a rabbit. They don’t make for good “starter” pets, as they require much more specialized care than other small animals. Finding a veterinarian for your rabbit can be difficult, too. On top of that, they are a long-term commitment, as most rabbits live well into their teens.

If you’ve put some time and serious thought into bringing a rabbit into your home, but aren’t quite sure which type to get, consider our list of some of the most popular breeds.

Mini Rex Rabbits

Mini Rex rabbits (literally a miniature version of Rex rabbits) are friendly, curious athletes. They are very inquisitive and like to get into mischief. Not only are they fun, but their fur feels amazing too.

Their thick, plush coat makes them very pleasant to pet and cuddle with. The density and softness of their fur is often likened to that of a chinchilla. In fact, you may hear these rabbits referred to as “Velveteen” rabbits in reference to how wonderfully soft they are. Another plus is that their coat doesn’t require any routine maintenance. You can find these rabbits in many different colors and combinations.

As for temperament, Mini Rex rabbits are generally calm and quiet bunnies, which makes them an excellent rabbit for new pet owners and children. They will respond to entertainment and play, and should be provided with plenty of toys.

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