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Some dogs will enjoy bath time and others will run in the opposite direction when they see you getting their doggy towel out. However, it’s important to make bathing your dog a regular occurrence if you want them, and your home, to remain smelling fresh. The earlier you can start bathing your pup the better, and you never know, they may even come to love it.

One of the most important elements of bath time will be the dog shampoo you choose. Never use a shampoo designed for humans as this will not suit your dog’s delicate skin, and can leave them itchy with a dull and frazzled coat, which will not look or feel good.

The good news is there are thousands of dog shampoos available. But how do you narrow the selection down so you make the best choice for your dog?

To help you make the right selection, consider the following:

Skin Condition

A moisturizing shampoo can help dogs with dry, flaky skin. Unscented shampoo is the best option, as there is no risk of further irritating the skin via synthetic fragrances. A shampoo that includes vitamin E or oatmeal, natural ingredients which promote good skin health, will be great for dogs with sensitive skin.

If this doesn’t ease your dog’s skin condition, then you may need a medicated formula, so speak to your veterinarian about what’s available.

Fleas and Ticks

A flea and tick shampoo can help ward off unwanted critters, but it needs to be done in combination with other flea and tick prevention measures. Shampoo alone is not going to be enough to fend off parasites. If this is a problem for your dog, speak to your veterinarian about long-term options.

Odor Issues

If your dog is the type to go digging through the garbage, roll in any unmentionables that they find on their walks, or loves playing in muddy puddles, then you’re going to need a shampoo that deodorizes. These shampoos not only mask smells, they also help eliminate them.

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Poor Coat Condition

If your dog has been unwell, it can lead to poor coat quality. There are shampoos available that help nourish fur and ultimately restore a beautiful shine. Look out for shampoos packed with proteins, minerals and vitamins. Add in a dog conditioner if your dog’s coat is prone to getting easily tangled.

If your dog has a very unmanageable coat, it may be worth getting their fur trimmed a few times a year so you have less stress when it’s bath time. Then, you can focus on giving your dog’s coat a good wash without having to spend hours brushing and de-tangling. It is an additional expense, but will probably save you hours of time.

Young Dogs

If you have a puppy, choose a shampoo that is specially formulated for them. These shampoos have a ‘no tears’ formula so they won’t sting if they get in your dog’s eyes. You don’t want to put a puppy off bath time just because they had a bad experience the first time.

Shampoo Ingredients

Once you have narrowed down the selection to the right type of shampoo for your dog, you will want to check the ingredients to rule out any nasty chemical like parabens, petrochemicals, sodium laurel sulfate, and artificial dyes. Instead, look for products that are as natural as possible.

Even the fragrances should be natural instead of synthetic. Lavender, citrus, and chamomile make great choices.

Giving your dog a regular bath can help keep them healthy and looking their best. Your home will also smell fresher, and because you will be washing a lot of hair and dander away, there will be less to vacuum from the floor and furniture.

On top of this, bath time with your dog is a great bonding experience. You are lavishing your complete attention on your dog, and hopefully having some fun too. There is little that your dog will love more than that.