Tips for Using a Dog Muzzle Safely

Dog muzzles are used not only for dangerous dogs, but for the nicer variety as well. They come in many different shapes, sizes and materials — everything from leather to wire to elastic. Muzzles are a great way to keep your pooch from chewing on things, like your hands, when you are bathing him. They are also used in dog breeding to keep the dogs from injuring each other.

Choosing the Right Muzzle for Your Dog

Basically, a muzzle can be anything that prevents a dog from opening its mouth all the way, thereby preventing biting, barking and even panting. In an emergency, this can be a strip of cloth or leather, or even a belt, looped once or twice around the dog's snout and fastened under its chin. However, this type of muzzle should be avoided when possible.

Conical muzzles, usually made of cloth, are slightly better, but still should not be used for extended periods of time or on dogs that won't be supervised.

Basket muzzles are the best, safest kind of muzzle. They are typically made from wire or plastic. A strap is placed around the dog's head to hold the muzzle in place.

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This type of muzzle is primarily used for larger, more aggressive dogs. It is designed so that the dog cannot bite but will be able to access water for drinking. For larger dogs, such as Rottweilers or pit bulls, wire basket muzzles are the best choice. Wire dog muzzles also work well for aggressive dogs, especially if you're walking your dog where people or other animals may be. Keep in mind that some states or municipalities require certain dog breeds, particularly pit bulls, to be muzzled any time they're in public.

Even if you have a poodle or chihuahua, you a muzzle can come in handy. Experts prefer nylon or mesh dog muzzles for small breeds.

If you feel your dog needs a muzzle, consider asking a trainer to show you the appropriate way to put it on. You should know how to fit the dog with the proper size and type of muzzle, for its safety as well as its comfort.

How Dog Muzzles Work

Some muzzles, such as the Husher anti bark muzzle, can do more than keep your dog from biting. This muzzle is made from stretchy elastic bands and fits snugly around the dog's snout. When it begins to bark, the elastic bands hinder the expansion of the jaw, thereby keeping the bark to a short snap. The tension will make the dog's jaw tired, and it will soon stop barking.

Muzzles are made to keep your dog from biting people or other animals. They are perfect for vet visits, particularly when the vet has to do a procedure that your pet will not enjoy. Keeping your dog muzzled in situations where biting can occur is a safe idea for all parties involved. Do some research on all of the options before purchasing a muzzle. That way, you can get the most benefit.