Buy Birds From Reliable Bird Breeders

With bird ownership growing in popularity, more people are seeking information about pet birds. Many breeds live for over 60 years, so the decision to purchase a pet bird is a long-term commitment. Bird breeders are an excellent informational resource, not only about the many different breeds of birds, but also about the specific challenges and rewards of bird ownership.

The Role of Bird Breeders

Bird breeder operations vary widely, from an individual or family with just a pair of breeding birds to a large-scale business with thousands of birds and a dedicated on-staff avian veterinarian. Some exotic bird breeders specialize in breeding endangered avian species, which makes them vital to the survival of these birds.

Current legislation regulating importation of birds is very restrictive, so breeders play an important role in producing a legal supply of salable birds for the pet trade. Without these pet bird breeders, the demand for pet birds would encourage the proliferation of illegal bird poaching, which usually results in the mistreatment and death of many birds.

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Finding Reputable Pet Bird Breeders

Choosing a good bird breeder entails much more than sorting through the various newspaper and online ads for pet birds to find the cheapest price; the best bird breeders have an unquestionable love for birds. This love and caring can be seen in the way a breeder runs their business and treats their birds. Breeding birds takes a huge amount of time, so finding out about a breeder's daily practices can give you insights into how committed a professional they really are. Here are some questions to ask a bird breeder you're considering:

  • What types of birds do you breed?
  • How many of each breed do you have?
  • How long have you been breeding birds?
  • How many bird cages do you have, and what are their sizes?
  • How much time each day do you spend with your birds?
  • How are your birds socialized?
  • How do you train your birds, and how are they disciplined?
  • What kind of bird food are your animals fed?
  • What toys are provided for your birds?
  • How often are the cages cleaned, and with what disinfectants?

A reputable bird breeder will also offer a guarantee of good health on the birds they sell. Certain types of exotic pet birds can be more easily acquired from specialized breeders such as lovebird breeders or mynah bird breeders, while more common bird species can be readily procured from general bird breeders.