A Pet-Owner's Guide to Siamese Cats

These popular oriental cats have an unmistakable appearance marked by a large, wedge-shaped head and a long, narrow, wiry body. Siamese cats are among the oldest recognized breeds in the world and are informally considered the "royal cats of Siam," now Thailand.

Their History

These cats first appeared outside their native land in 1884, when the British Consul-General of Siam returned to his native England with a breeding pair. By the 1950s, they were the darlings of cat shows across the Western Hemisphere, and generation after generation of selective breeding contributed to the familiar elongated form of the modern Siamese cat.


  • Size: Cat breeders expect healthy adult males to weigh between 9 to 14 pounds. Female adults average 6 to 10 pounds.
  • Coat: With a fine, glossy, short coat, kittens and cats are noted for being largely hypoallergenic, much like the Sphynx cat.
  • Eyes and ears: A Siamese cat has distinctive, almond-shaped blue eyes. The pointed ears are wide-based and large, ranking among the breed's most instantly recognizable physical characteristics.
  • Tail: Siamese cats display a tapered, thin, pointy, whip-like tail.

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Siamese kittens normally form a strong, lifelong bond with a single person in the household. They tend to be vocal and have a low-pitched and booming meow that is often likened to the sound of a baby crying. The breed thrives on human attention and companionship, and is noted for being intelligent and playful, even into late adulthood.

Health and Care

  • Grooming: The Siamese has little in the way of cat grooming needs. Though it enjoys being brushed, its short fur generally looks after itself. Expect headaches when bathing this breed – it does not care much for water.
  • Activity level: Siamese cat breeders recommend homes that have ample indoor and outdoor space, as these animals love to roam and are fairly active.
  • Health problems: Some vets contend that this breed is particularly sensitive to anesthetics. A Siamese kitten is also especially prone to upper respiratory tract infections, so be sure to provide a dry and warm place for the young cat to rest during wet or cool weather. Ensure your kitten has had all of its recommended cat vaccinations if you are buying from a breeder, rescue center or private party.
  • Average lifespan: Siamese cats live an average of 15 to 20 years.

Find Siamese Kittens for Sale

Breeders offering Siamese kittens for sale will normally charge roughly $200 to $400 for a cat of certified parentage. Even though these cats are one of the most affordable breeds, some people prefer to save money and do a good deed by taking home an adult cat from a Siamese rescue center. Local animal control authorities can help you find resources in your area if you'd like to explore this option.