Cat Grooming Helps Keep Cats Healthy

Grooming cats can be a fun bonding experience for you and your feline. Even though your cat likes to constantly groom itself, it needs proper care to maintain its healthy coat and overall beauty. Here are some basic ways to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Common Cat Grooming Needs

While you can keep your feline happy with combings and cat shampoos, specific cat grooming tools and cat grooming supplies can help enhance the coat and claws of your cat. A product such as the Furminator Waterless deShedding Shampoo and Conditioner can help maintain a strong coat that will not leave its mark on your furniture. To aid in a healthy coat, use a dematter and an undercoat rake to keep fur lush and loose, and prevent it from shedding prematurely.

For optimal nail care, you can use a three-in-one tool that contains a clipper, file and a styptic. The clipper and the file are necessary to keep tiny claws from becoming sharp and obtrusive. And just in case you have an accident, the styptic is a powder that prevents bleeding from a low cut. Of the many available cat grooming books, a great guide is The Cat Grooming Guide by Sam Kohl, intended to help those that wish to groom on their own.

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Professional Grooming

Sometimes it's necessary to enlist the help of a professional groomer, especially if your feline is of the Abyssinian, Manx or Laperm breeds. Maybe you want to show them in national cat shows, breed them as pedigree or just keep them in the best care you can. Whatever your reason, a professional groomer can assist in keeping your prized cat looking gorgeous throughout its life.

Long-haired cats can be more difficult to groom, although short-haired felines may give some resistance as well. First and foremost, a groomer knows how to manage a feline's temper or activeness in a way that the grooming can be done with peace and without delay. Also, a groomer understands that a cat's skin is often delicate and thin, making it easy to harm the cat without gentle care and proper tools. A professional groomer is equipped with all the necessary items and knowledge to help your cat remain happy throughout the experience and to prevent any hostility.