Dog Teething Toys to Help Your Dog Grow Into Their Teeth

At around two weeks of age, your puppy's first set of teeth will begin to appear. By the time they arrive in their new home, they will have 28 razor-sharp teeth, which will help them explore the world. That means, just like human babies, they will want to eat, taste and bite everything in their way. This is where dog teething toys come into play. They can help train your puppy to not bite other things while teething.

Once your pup reaches around three to four months of age, their puppy teeth will begin to fall out to make way for their 42 adult teeth. Now, if you have had a baby, you will know all about the pain and discomfort they go through with sore gums during the teething stage and it is just the same for your pup.

How to Help Teething Discomfort

As the adult teeth start to emerge, your pup is going to pretty uncomfortable and they will begin to look for things to chew to try and soothe the aching gums. This is when you may suddenly find that your pup who has never chewed anything they should not be chewing on suddenly starts to get to work on the leg of the table or the remote control.

Puppy Teething Toys

The teething phase is usually complete by the time your pup is around six months. So, with a little planning and with some of the teething toys we are going to suggest, you can reduce the discomfort your pup is feeling and reduce the teeth marks on your furniture.

Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier

Made with softer, textured, puppy-friendly material, this toy is specially designed for pups during the teething process. It comes with two pacifiers looped onto a ring, which creates great movement, making it much more enticing to play with.

Each of the pacifiers has raised bristles, which will really help to keep the teeth clean and reduce the build-up of tartar.

Kong Puppy Teething Stick

Made with Kong’s unique puppy rubber, the Puppy Teething Stick is covered in ridges that both clean their teeth and soothe those sore gums while it is being chewed. You can make this one even more tempting by filing the ridges with treats.

Kong recommends that the puppy teething stick is suitable for pups until they are around nine months of age.

Houndgames Puppy Toy Mat With Teething Chew Toys

This is such a great idea: a puppy mat that incorporates six different teething toys. First of all, there is a soft but tough toy that has a squeaker and then there are five dental chew toys, each with little nubs which soothe teeth and gums as they are chewed. Now your pup can have a play and then fall asleep on the 20 inches by 20 inches washable bed.

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The Puppy Kong

The Puppy KONG dog toy is specially designed for baby teeth. Made of a gentle rubber formula, it combines a food-dispensing toy with being a fun and erratic bouncing toy to chase.

If you are not familiar with the Kong, these conical shaped toys have a hollow center. This means that they can be stuffed with all kinds of goodies to keep your pup busy for ages. Banana and dry dog food mixed together is one of my dogs’ favorite combinations.

The Benebone Puppy Pack

This puppy pack includes two bacon flavored chew toys. Made in the U.S., they have a little softness to them, which helps puppy teeth get a grip, but they are still tough enough to withstand a good chewing session.

Each pack has a wishbone and a dental chew. The wishbone is cleverly designed to make it easy for your pup to hold on tight while chewing, then the dental chew is covered in ridges at each end to help remove plaque and massage aching gums.

The bacon flavor that runs all the way through the toys comes from real, U.S.-sourced bacon. I'm not sure there will be many pups who will be able to resist chewing on these.

Tuffy's Junior Gear Ring

Some pups prefer something a little softer to chew on, which could make Tuffy's Junior Gear Ring a good choice. Made with three layers of safe, non-toxic material, this is a toy that can stand up to the rigors of those sharp teeth. The addition of squeakers is going to attract even the most reluctant of pups to have a game.

Perfect for play inside because of the soft exterior, it also floats in water and can be freshened up in the washing machine, making it easy to keep clean.

Top Tips for Safe Teething Toy Play

  • Do remember that many teething toys are designed to meet the needs of your pup during this particular part of their development. Once they have finished teething, they may no longer be tough enough to cope with their adult teeth.
  • Check toys each day to ensure that they are still safe for your pup to play with.
  • All of the toys can be placed in a zip lock bag and then popped in the freezer overnight. For many pups, chewing something cold can really ease the discomfort of teething.