Dog Boots for Winter

When the weather starts to turn and temperatures begin to drop, that’s usually the sign for us to get out our winter boots and warm clothing. As loving dog parents, we also think about protecting our dogs from the cold and ensuring that they still enjoy their walks no matter the conditions.

Along with fleecy jumpers and waterproof coats, dog boots for winter can make all the difference to your dog’s wellbeing and safety, especially once there’s ice or snow on the ground.

What Are Dog Boots?

Dog boots protect your dog’s paw pads, and healthy pads are essential for protecting your dog’s bones and joints. This thick, rubbery part of your dog’s foot provides cushioning and traction with each step. They also offer some insulation against temperature extremes, and they help your dog cope with rough terrain.

So that means that it’s essential to keep your dog’s paws protected from any damage, and that’s precisely what dog boots do. This specially designed footwear fits your dog’s paws perfectly while also extending far enough up the leg to ensure they don’t interfere with their ability to run and play as normal.

Dog Boots might also be recommended by your veterinarian if there is any existing damage to your dog’s paws, such as a cut or graze.

Why Should Dog Boots Be Used in Winter?

There are several reasons why dogs can really benefit from wearing boots in the winter months. Here’s our top four:

  1. Long-haired dogs can have real problems in the snow as lumps of ice and snow begin to form between their toes. It doesn’t take long before they become painful and need thawing out to get those mini snowballs and icicles melted.
  2. De-icing products can be irritating to our dog’s paws at best and incredibly toxic at worst. Most dogs will come home and immediately start licking their paws to clean them, which, when covered in poisonous chemicals, can mean an emergency veterinarian visit. Even when salt is used on the pavements and drives the extra sodium entering their bodies can cause real issues for older dogs and those with kidney problems.
  3. Older dogs can also become a little unsteady on their paws, and when ice is added into the mix, they may be reluctant to go out for their walk. Wearing dog boots provides them with extra traction to help them walk confidently when it’s slippery underfoot.
  4. If you have a young and energetic dog who loves games of chase or running after their toys, they can end up with paw scuffs due to the abrasive surface of the ice.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dog Boots?

Dog boots give your dog the freedom to run and play in all weather conditions. They reduce the likelihood of slips and falls for older dogs and prevent accidental poisoning from de-icer products used on pathways and drives.

Another great reason from the human’s perspective is that it means no more soggy paws walking across your carpets! Simply remove the boots at the doorway, and now you have perfectly clean and dry paws coming into the home.

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Are There Certain Breeds Who Need Dog Boots More?

Long-haired breeds such as Bearded Collies and Afghans immediately come to mind as really benefiting from wearing dog boots. We mentioned earlier that when your dog has hair between their toes, it seems to attract the snow, which then gathers together and forms snowballs. This then quickly becomes uncomfortable for our dogs.

On the other extreme, dogs with no undercoat, such as Greyhounds and Hungarian Vizslas, can really feel the cold. This can mean that they become reluctant to venture out in icy weather. With dog boots on, suddenly it’s not so cold to go out and get some exercise.

The Best Dog Boots on the Market

RUFFWEAR, Polar Trex Waterproof Winter Dog Boots

If you still love to hit the trails no matter the weather, then these dog boots from Ruffwear could be a great choice. Designed for warmth, traction and protection, they meet all the requirements for use in freezing cold weather.

First off, there is an insulated softshell at the top of the boot, which provides warmth while also being waterproof. Then, there is the Vibram outsole, which provides your dog with traction on icy surfaces. These boots are closed with a hook and loop system, which means that they can be easily adjusted when on the walk to ensure a snug fit.

Hurtta Outback Dog Boots

We love that these boots are so easy to get on, which is always a challenge when your dog is excited to go out! Made with flexible softshell material and a pliable rubber sole, these are lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear.

The Hurtta boots also close with a Velcro fastener for easy fitting and have 3M reflectors to ensure your dog can be seen in low-light conditions.

Kurgo Winter Boots for Dogs

These lightweight and reflective dog boots are ergonomically designed to create a perfect fit for your dog’s paws. Made from a breathable and lightweight mesh, they provide ventilation to prevent your dog’s paws from overheating.

They’re water-resistant so they can be used in light rain and snow. Also, these boots have a leather upper and a sole which is specially designed to mimic the structure of your dog’s paw. Kurgo also offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects!