Your Saltwater Playground

With your saltwater tank all set up, stabilized, and ready to take on the addition of underwater guests, you’re now ready to pick out some fish. There are many saltwater creature to choose from, but finding the right ones for your aquarium will be based on a few thing: the size of your tank, and whether or not the species you want can cohabitate.

It’s always best to research any live additions you’re interested in adding to your aquarium. Basing this decision on color and appearance alone could end up leaving you disappointed.

This list has broken down some of the more popular saltwater fish that hobbyists choose, and outlines the level of commitment that goes into their daily care. Both beginners as well as advanced saltwater aquarists are sure to find many options when it comes to selecting the right fish.

Beginner Level: Clownfish

These familiar fish have always caught our attention with their brilliant orange and white coloration. Even more spotlight fell on these fish once Nemo swam into the hearts of adults and children alike. The Ocellaris (False Percula) Clownfish is what you’ll come across the most, as this species is readily bred.

They grow to a reasonable 3.5 inches, have an omnivorous diet (meaning they will eat both plants and animals), and tend to be quite peaceful. They don’t require a lot of space, but they will appreciate corals, anemones and other decor to hide among and establish territories.

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