Buy or Build an Aquarium Stand

An aquarium stand is often an afterthought when putting together a home aquarium system, but there are advantages to selecting a stand early in the planning process. You could take some extra time to find the perfect stand that matches your decor, or one that includes some storage space or shelving. Why wait until the last minute and get something you won't ultimately be happy with? An aquarium is an attractive addition to your home, so you will want the stand to complement the beauty of the aquarium.

Features of the Right Aquarium Stand

While a small aquarium can sit safely on a sturdy shelf or table, an aquarium of 20 gallons or more needs to have a specialized stand for proper support. Acrylic aquariums require a stand that supports the full width and length of the bottom of the tank, while glass aquariums only require support along the outside edges of the tank. Glass aquariums weigh more than comparably sized acrylic aquariums, and water adds about 8 pounds per gallon to your initial tank weight, so consider the total weight of the filled tank when choosing an appropriate aquarium stand.

An aquarium stand with cabinets can be handy for storing aquarium equipment and supplies in an attractive way. Wooden aquarium stands come in a number of finishes, so you can choose one that complements your decor. A stand made out of metal, such as an iron aquarium stand, can be an inexpensive alternative to a wooden stand. If you choose a metal aquarium stand, be aware that the feet of the stand may rust, so use a barrier under the feet if your stand is placed on carpet.

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Major Aquarium Stand Manufacturers

There are a number of excellent makers of aquarium stands; a few are:

  • Oceanic Stands. These stands are offered in cherry, pine and oak finishes that match the trim on their other aquarium products.
  • Perfecto Stands. These nice-looking stands require some assembly, which reduces the purchase cost of the stand. Some Perfecto stands include bookshelves as a component, which are handy for storing supplies or equipment such as fish food and water conditioners.
  • All-Glass Stands. Offered in black, cherry and oak finishes, these stands match the trim on their aquariums and are also available in a high-gloss finish.

DIY Aquarium Stand How-To

Building an aquarium stand is quite simple and can be economical, as well. Aquarium stand plans are readily available at many online sites, and materials are basic and inexpensive. For up to a 55-gallon tank, four vertical legs (supports) are sufficient, but over that size, choose an aquarium plan with six vertical supports for safety.