What Dogs Will You Most Often See Around?

The popularity of dog breeds often change over the years, depending on new breeds that have been intermixed, and the overall popularity of specific breeds. But let’s be honest: they’re all adorable dogs, aren’t they?

Here are some of the most popular dog breeds at the moment!


These cute little dogs are probably in the running for loudest and most active (more than likely tied with the Jack Russell Terriers). Historically known as hunting dogs, Beagles are probably most known for their trumpet sounding bark.

These intelligent little dogs are as determined as any other breed, and seem to always finish tasks instead of being sidetracked like other dogs (we’re looking at you, Golden Retrievers). And, as many people know, Beagles get quite excitable. Just a bit, really.


As many dog owners know, larger dogs tend to be the most loveable, and the Boxer is no exception. While they were used as war dog messengers in the 20th century (and dog fighters in the 19th century), the Boxer has solidified its presence as a family dog in the 21st century. Fiercely loyal and brave, these fearless dogs tend to be great guard dogs, and will often protect its family’s home.


While some people may be a bit nervous around these bulking animals, all Bulldog owners know that this breed is the sweetest. An incredibly calm and easy-going breed, Bulldogs are quite friendly and gregarious compared to others. And how cute are their little wrinkled faces?

Families will love having a Bulldog in the house, as their even-going tempers are great for families with children. Plus, their calm and relaxed lifestyle means minimal need for exercise and/or consistent grooming.


Corgis, also called Pembroke Welsh Corgis, may be one of the most well known breeds as they are favoured by the Queen of England. Current and former Corgi owners know that the Queen was on to something, as these dogs make excellent companions.

Quite playful, Corgis tend to be bold and as outgoing as possible. While they are friendly dogs, they are more protective than other dogs, and may be wary of strangers or other animals around their favorite companion!

French Bulldog

Making the list alongside Bulldogs, French Bulldogs have risen in popularity quite a bit in recent years. As with regular Bulldogs, Frenchies tend to be indoor dogs. They can get quite overheated in hot temperature, so consistent air conditioning is needed for them during the summer.

Frenchies tend to be quite keen and affectionate, while also being a bit more active and athletic than Bulldogs because of their smaller size.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds tend to be associated with military and law enforcement, but they can carry a variety of important jobs, including being the loyal family pet! These dogs tend to be quite large in their adult life, and their strong builds can sometimes frighten people. However, this breed is incredibly friendly. They are also well-known for being a very intelligent breed.

Golden Retriever

A large dog breed with long hair, Golden Retrievers were first bred for hunting in Scotland. However, nowadays, Golden Retrievers make excellent family pets, as they typically love children. These dogs are as loving as they come and seem to always be nice to everyone, including other pets and strangers.

While also quite confident, these dogs do best around groups of children that will give them all the affection and cuddling they desire.

Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers may be one of the most energetic and active small dogs around. There are so many stories from Jack Russell owners talking about how their dog hops around and jumps over things just the for fun of it! These athletic dogs tend to have shorter hair that sheds, while some Jack Russells have incredibly wiry fur.

While these fearless dogs have no issue being noisy and seeing what the neighbors are up to by jumping over the backyard fence, they are also quite stubborn at times (which Jack Russell owners are probably not surprised by, at all).

Labrador Retriever

Labs have been favorites for quite a long time, and for those of you who have had Labs before, it goes as no surprise that this breed is loved by so many people. Labrador Retrievers tend to be quite an easy-going dog breed, and can be incredibly friendly to other animals and people alike.

These amazingly loyal dogs also love to be active. Historically speaking, Labs were known to help fisherman pull up their nets of fish, and were trained as gathering dogs for hunters. Current or former Lab owners also know how easy-going and gentle these animals are, which makes them great therapy dogs, or search and rescue dogs.


Poodles have gone in and out of style. They were once regarded as the supreme dog breed, then went completely out of style, but now, in recent years, Poodles are coming back as a family favourite. Poodles can come in a variety of sizes (from Toy Poodle to Medium Poodle), though they are all considered to be part of the same breed.

As incredibly alert and intelligent dog, Poodles are also highly trainable compared to other breeds.


Pugs are just the cutest, aren’t they? Whether it’s their wrinkled face or little body structures, Pugs have quickly risen in the ranks of favorite dog breeds, and rightly so! Pugs tend to be quite playful and clever, so don’t be surprised if your dog charms the pants off of your guests or friends. This breed is known for being quite the show stealer.

Yorkshire Terriers

Ah, yes. The little Yorkies have to have a spot here, don’t they? Many people don’t know that, historically speaking, Yorkies used to hunt rats in clothing mills in the 19th century. So, it seems they haven’t always been considered lap dogs!

As many Yorkie owners know, these dogs are astonishingly independent and courageous for their tiny size. While their longer fur means they need consistent grooming, Yorkies can come in a variety of fur colors.