Using an Invisible Fence for Dogs

Invisible fences are wires placed around the perimeter of a property to keep a pet within its confines. The wire is linked to an invisible fence collar that emits a noise when the boundary is approached and a mild shock when it is crossed, encouraging the pet to stay within the designated area. Invisible fences can be aligned with existing fences, but they are generally used in a yard with no other containment. Many pet experts and researchers believe that invisible fences for dogs are a smart investment and ultimately teach the dog what its boundaries are and where it can — and can't — go.

Types of Invisible Fences

There are a variety of invisible fence products available. An invisible fence company can review the options with you and may even come out to your property and install the one you choose. A wired invisible fence system uses electronic wires that are either buried or hung along the perimeter of the property. This allows you flexibility in the size and shape of the area your pet is allowed to roam. However, these systems tend to be fixed in place once they are installed (especially if the wire is buried).

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In recent years, technicians have developed a wireless invisible fence, which consists solely of a transmitter and collar. Unlike wired versions, this type of invisible fence is portable, so it can be taken with you on vacation or if you move. The downside of wireless invisible fences, though, is that their boundaries are fixed and limited. The base transmits a signal in a perfect circle (equally in all directions) of limited radius.

Invisible Fence Collars

Invisible fence collars do not replace regular dog collars. They are specialized units designed solely to interact with the transmitter or underground wire and emit a noise or deliver an electric shock as required. These collars are battery operated; be sure to change your invisible fence battery every three months to keep your system in top working order.

Invisible fences are an important addition to dog training techniques that will help keep your dog safely in your yard. Additional practices such as rewards and discipline can be implemented to reinforce the dog's respect for the boundary. Dogs need room to run and play, but with an invisible fence, you can be assured that yours does so safely.