Hypoallergenic Is the Way to Go

Do you want to adopt a cat, but feel like you can’t because of your allergies? Then you may not know about hypoallergenic cats!

Hypoallergenic cats are classified as “low allergy” pets, meaning a lot of people that have normal cat allergies aren’t affected by the presence of these cats. To be clear, there are no cats that are 100% free of allergens. However, there are cats that produce a much less quantity of allergen than other cats normally do.

That’s why people with allergies love to adopting hypoallergenic cats, as they can actually live with them quite peacefully without any allergic reactions. So, what types of hypoallergenic cats are the most popular?


The Siberian cat is probably the most popular hypoallergenic breed around. These cats are well known for their long fur, which gives them quite the coat. Their origins trace back to Russia, which makes their heavy coats seem quite realistic. Now, they are favorite house cats around the world.

Siberian cats tend to be incredibly playful and make great companions in a large family with children. They’re also quite friendly with strangers, even though they are not very vocal. However, it is worth noting, because of their fur, they do require more grooming than the average cat.

Balinese cat lounging beside a window


Balinese cats look quite similar to Siamese cats, they just have longer hair. While their hair may be different, Balinese cats are almost identical to Siamese cats when considering personality. These cats love to follow you around, and will always try to be helpful little companions by consistently being by your side. Once a bond is formed with a Balinese cat, they’ll remember it

. Balinese cats also love to be as active and playful as possible, making this cat a great addition to an active family with some youngsters running around.

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Ocicat sitting on a tree branch


These wild little cats may look like they’re intimidating, but they’re one of the friendliest cat breeds around. They look quite similar to a (normally larger) spotted cat, and are very playful. Ocicats love to follow their owners around the house. Whether it’s trailing footsteps or hopping up onto their owner’s shoulder for a ride around the room, these cats love to move around.

Some Ocicats tend to be quite shy and don’t like being left alone for long hours at a time, so, if you work a lot, make sure to have a buddy cat or dog to keep them company.

Russian Blue cat lying on ground with toy in its paws.

Russian Blue

A more reserved type of cat, the Russian Blue is considered a much more observant cat than most. Don’t be surprised if you see one jumping up on counters and high surfaces to survey the scene below, and that includes watching people they consider to be strangers in the house.

While they can be quite shy upon meeting new friends, Russian Blues are still playful cats and love attention. In fact, if they feel they’re not getting enough attention, they’ll let you know! Russian Blues also tend to be great alarm clocks, and have been known to help keep their owner on a schedule.

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Bengal cat lying on ground looking alert.


A delicate cat that looks like it belongs in the jungle, Bengal cats are considered to be one of the most intelligent cats around. They are incredibly affectionate with family members and children, and make amazing additions to families. Bengal cats are also friendly with other pets, though they may need some getting used to at first.

Bengal cats love to have something to do, whether playing with toys or running around the house and staying active. They also love being quite vocal.

Cornish Rex on red background

Cornish Rex

As most Cornish Rex owners would say, Cornish Rex cats don’t get enough love. Whether it’s because of their different appearance (some even say they look a bit “doglike”), or their odd hair, Cornish Rex cats tend to be overlooked. However, they’re some of the most affectionate and kid-friendly animals around.

A quiet, confident breed, these cats also love to fetch toys that are thrown around; they’ll retrieve them and everything! Cornish Rex cats have been known to keep a kitten-like attitude well into their old age, making them youthful friends to have around for years.

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Sphynx cat on dark background


These hairless cats are as friendly as they come. They are obviously great for people with allergies, as they don’t shed any hair (at all). These cats are also incredibly easy to groom. Sphynx cats are as social as any other breed, and they don’t like to be left alone for too long. If you work long hours, always make sure they have a buddy cat or dog around to keep them company!

Sphynx cats are incredibly curious, and tend to jump around and chase insects or bugs wherever they are. Because of their hairless body, this breed loves to cuddle with their owners to keep warm.

Burmese cat lying on ground on white background


This friendly breed is possibly the most curious cat breed around. Burmese cats have been known to search around the house at all hours of the day (and night!), looking for mischievous things to do, no doubt. You can help keep this attitude fulfilled, as well as their intelligence, by playing fun games with them and introducing them to toys they’re bound to love.

While incredibly friendly with strangers and friends alike, Burmese cats tend to be involved with their owner’s life every step of the way. If you don’t mind your cat being there and following you around your house constantly, a Burmese cat would be a great choice.

Many people don’t realize that there are actually quite a lot of cats that are classified as hypoallergenic. While you may think you can’t have a cat because of your allergies, you may just be able to find a companion in one of these cat breeds! These hypoallergenic cats are quite popular, loved by many, and always an incredible addition to any household or family.

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