Buying a dog from a dog breeder

Choosing the right dog for your family is an important decision. If children are involved, the dog must be mild-mannered and good with kids. If you are looking for a sports-oriented dog, a hunting dog or a lovable lap dog, selecting a purebred breed that suits your needs means researching the breed and finding the best source for a healthy pet. By purchasing a dog through an established and qualified breeder, you can be assured that you're buying a dog with the consistent genetic traits of a particular breed.

What Dog Breeders Do

Dog breeders specialize in all aspects of the birth of purebred dogs. They ensure that both male and female parents are registered with the American Kennel Club so that the puppy you purchase can also be officially registered. A quality dog breeder will maintain high sanitation standards, provide all necessary inoculations for the puppies and follow good feeding and health standards.

They will give you written instructions for continued care of the dog, records of the pedigree and up-to-date vet's reports. They provide you with information about its temperament, physical attributes, characteristics and expected dog behavior.

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Unfortunately, not all dog breeders are equal. To locate a healthy pet that will bring you many years of happiness, avoid buying a dog from a substandard breeder. Look out for unsanitary conditions, puppies less than seven weeks old for sale, and weak or malnourished animals. Check the breeder's references to see if other dog owners are satisfied with their choice from this breeder. Be careful about purchasing a dog from a breeder that is inexperienced or uninformed about the parent's backgrounds.

Find Purebred Dogs for Sale

Once you've made your selection of the best dog for you and your family, the next step is to locate dogs for sale. There are several websites that publish a dog breeders directory with listings by location and by breed. Some pet stores sell dogs from breeders in different parts of the country. Ask the pet store for details about the breeder's health standards and experience.

Before you buy a dog, make sure that you've selected the best breed for your family and one that will fit your lifestyle and needs. Take the time to research the best location to find your special pet. A healthy dog that's right for you will give you many years of companionship and joy.