What to Know About Electronic Cat Toys

Did you know that there are over 95 million pet cats in the U.S., and of those, nearly 70% live indoors? In a perfect world, all cats would be able to roam outside, but there can be many reasons why an inside life may be the best option for your cat. Luckily, there are electronic cat toys. It may be because you live in a built-up area with lots of traffic, or perhaps there are concerns about their safety around wildlife. Then there are some cats who are just happy to stay in the comfort of their own home.

When cats get bored, that's when behavior problems may begin to creep in. Keeping them busy and stimulated is essential, that is assuming that you want to keep your house free of feline destruction! Providing your indoor cat with a variety of different toys will keep them both physically and mentally stimulated.

Learning About Electronic Cat Toys

While cats all have their own preferences for their favorite type of toy, many love the opportunity to unleash their hunting behaviors in a safe setting. That's where electronic cat toys can be a great option. But, before you leap in and buy your cats their first electronic toy, take a look at our pros and cons, to make choosing a little easier.

The Pros of Electronic Cat Toys

Cats love to hunt, but that can put both them and local wildlife in real danger. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that our cats are responsible for the deaths of up to 3 billion birds every year and that works out to be 1 in 10 of the bird population! Electronic cat toys let them fulfill that instinctual need in a safe way.

They all provide mental enrichment. For our cats to have all their needs met, they need both physical exercise and mental stimulation. The game element of these types of toys means that cats need to work out the pattern of the chase and then quickly respond to the movement. Both give our feline friends a good work out for their brains.

Electronic cat toys can also make your cat more independent. If you work from home, there will be times when you need to focus on the job in hand and not be distracted by your cat's demands for attention. Many of the electronic toys can be set up and then you can leave your cat to have all the fun without needing to supervise.

The Cons of Electronic Cat Toys

Some of the toys can be pretty noisy and the sounds of a whirring motor might be really distracting if you are trying to read a book or get some work done. We suggest checking out reviews from online retailers to see if noise has been mentioned within the feedback.

If your cat is a little timid or they worry about new things, then some of the toys may be overwhelming for them. Look for toys where there are controls to slow down the movement to provide a gentle introduction.

Some electronic cat toys are powered with batteries, which might become expensive over time. Then, there are the environmental issues around their safe disposal. Investing in rechargeable batteries or toys that can be recharged via a USB port may be better options.

Our Favorite Electronic Cat Toys

Now that you know what electronic cat toys are and you have viewed the pros and cons, you are able to see if these types of toys are good for your feline. If they are, here are some of the best to look into.

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POPETPOP Interactive Cat Toy

A mouse that appears and disappears is sure to be an attention grabber for most cats. The POPETPOP Interactive Cat Toy places the plastic mouse on a track, which rises and falls, causing the mouse to appear and then vanish down a hole before then reappearing in a new spot.

There are three different speed settings: fast, slow and random. This last option causes the mouse to switch between fast and slow movement, adding more excitement to the chase. There's also a 15-minute shut off setting so that your cat does not become over-excited nor bored with the game.

The scratchpad in the center of the toy is a great idea. It protects the toy from your cat’s swipes at the mouse and helps to keep their claws in good shape.

YoFuN Interactive Rolling Ball

So, imagine a ball that moves by itself in a random and unpredictable way. Then, add in a red light to catch attention and you have the YoFUN Interactive Rolling Ball. Once you press the button to start the fun, the ball will keep moving around for 15 minutes before it then shuts off.

The ball is made from non-toxic plastic, which is tough enough to cope with running into walls and furniture without breaking. Size-wise, it is around the same dimensions as a tennis ball, so it is big enough to bat around without worries of it becoming choking hazard. We really like the USB charging option with a one hour charge resulting in four hours of playtime.

Ralthy Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

This 360-degree, self-rotating moving ball comes with large tires and two powerful motors. The LED color changing lamp attracts your cat's attention while providing what may be a safer option compared to laser lights. Then, there's a feather toy attached to a wand on the top of the toy which moves around as it crosses the floor. We cannot imagine there will be many cats who will not be tempted to play.

This toy is also perfect for keeping your cat entertained while you are out for the day or at work, and that is because it plays for 10 minutes and then goes into standby mode. One hour later, it will spring to life and provide another 10 minutes of fun and games. The built-in battery is recharged via a USB port, giving you three to four hours of playtime following a two-hour full charge.