What are the Best Cat Toys?

Cats are natural hunters. They are genetically programmed to identify, stalk and kill prey in the wild. Since many felines now live indoors as pets, their natural inclinations have been removed. Cat toys can provide hours of fun for your cat, while giving your pet both a physical and mental workout.

Cat Toys that Challenge Your Pet

Many cat toys challenge your pet's intelligence, and one such toy is the Peek-a-Prize toy box. The box has a number of holes in it, and small toys and treats can be placed inside. The cat has to figure out how to retrieve the "prey" from the container by using physical dexterity as well as stalking and problem solving skills.

Another toy that offers both mental and physical stimulation is the Tick Tock Teaser. Cats have to use precise timing in order to catch the "prey." The Velcro attachment allows the pet owner to periodically change the prey so that the cat doesn't get bored.

Unique Cat Toys

Babble Balls are small rubber balls that talk to your cat. The balls are automatically activated by the cat's breath, movement or touch. This toy is especially effective for cats that are left alone for long periods of time. Babble Balls that make animal noises are also available.

The BadaBeam is a new toy that fascinates cats for hours. Just place it on the floor and open the lid, and the constantly moving laser beam will dance around the room as the cat chases it, providing endless fun and exercise for felines.

Popular Cat Toys

Anything a cat can chase is always a good choice because it satisfies the cat's natural instincts. Clear plastic balls with mice inside, electronic mice that run from the cat and feathered toys that mimic birds are all popular. Many toys have pouches for adding catnip to enhance your pet's enjoyment.

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Discount Cat Toys

Shopping online and comparing prices can save you money when purchasing toys for your cat. Savvy shoppers can find the same toy for less with a little Web surfing. Another great place to find cheap toys is in the sale bin at your local pet store.

Homemade Cat Toys

You don't have to pay through the nose to provide your pet with exciting toys. In fact, some of the best cat toys are the simplest. Make your own! A small clear plastic juice or soda bottle can make a wonderful toy. Just remove the label and place a small toy or cat treat inside. If you remove the lid, your cat will have fun trying to retrieve the object from the bottle. For some real fun, place a glowstick in the bottle and turn off the lights in the room!

Another good homemade cat toy is a felt bird. Just glue some craft feathers on a felt cutout of a bird and attach a string. As you swing the bird into the air, the fluttering feathers will entice your cat into a pounce.

For a quick toy your cat will love, take a paper bag, place a cat treat, catnip or a jingle bell inside, and roll up the top of the bag. Your kitty will become fascinated by what's inside and will try its best to retrieve it.

Another simple toy can be made with a shoebox. Cut round holes of various sizes in the box, secure the lid with a large rubber band, and place small toys or treats inside.