Dog with ball in his mouth

Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

Every owner knows toys are an important part of a dog's life. While the primary mission of a dog is to be a friend and a companion, there are certain times when a dog's mind is not occupied with a human. During this time, dogs usually look for distractions, like chewing on and playing with anything within their reach.

For these reasons, it is essential to draw the attention of a dog towards harmless toys, fulfilling their fun and chewing needs during the day and, possibly, night. The choice of toys for our canine friends is almost infinite, tending to every aspect of dog instinct and developing positive behavioral patterns.

The best way to know what to toys to buy for your dog is by following a 10-toy rule: every dog has to have at least 10 toys at its disposal, and they all need to be different. It might seem like a lot for one dog, but the happiness and health of your pet will be completely worth it, and the dog will never be bored.

In addition, the cost of these toys will easily cover the potential damages that a dog can do in the house if left without a ‘job’ to do.

It is important to remember, however, that toys do pose a potential threat to a dog's health if eaten. An important aspect of dog safety involves supervising them while playing and ensuring the toys are made of non-toxic materials. With that out of the way, let’s review some of the most popular types of toys every dog owner should buy.


You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ ball. This toy is in the chasing category, allowing dogs to move around as much as they want. Playing fetch is a favorite for dogs, as it's part of the natural instincts of any canine. The modern market offers a broad variety of balls for dogs, starting with a simple tennis ball and ending with high-tech glowing balls with built-in flashlights.

However, a dog usually doesn’t care what the color, shape and technical characteristics of a ball are. The only thing to consider before buying a ball is the size of the dog.

Tip: The material of tennis balls can harm the teeth and pose a choking hazard, so they should not be considered as the best choice of ball toy.

Dog lying on a bed cuddling with plush alligator toy

Plush Toys

These are toys for chewing, although many dogs prefer to sleep with them and carry them around the house. There is no dog in the world that would ignore a plush toy that is placed right under their nose. These toys are particularly important for a dog owner who wants to occupy the mind of his or her pet and save as much stuff around the house as possible from being chewed.

It is best to buy a plush toy without any stuffing or squeakers, as they are way too soft to stay intact for long.

Dog running with rope in its mouth


Some dogs prefer to play tug-of-war with a sock or a shoe. However, a rope can serve a double purpose: entertainment and dental hygiene. While playing with a rope, the texture of this toy can have a brushing effect on the teeth of a dog.

As soon as the rope starts loosening up, it is time to buy a new one.

Tip: Like any other toy, it is best to supervise your dog while playing, as each toy becomes a hazard for choking or intestinal obstruction if torn apart.

Two dogs tugging on rope

Tug Toys

Tug toys are a simple, yet elegant solution for a dog owner with more than one pet. Essentially, a tug toy is a rope for two dogs to play with. There is nothing more to add, really, except once again warning about the toy material. It is important to replace a rope or a tug toy at the first signs of wearing down for the safety of both the pets and the possessions around the house.

Dog with Frisbee in mouth

Flying Discs

A flying disc, like a ball, is a fetching toy, but it adds a little bit more fun to the retrieving routine of a pet. Frisbee's are usually easier to catch compared to a ball; a fetching game with a Frisbee can challenge a dog as well. A dog owner can change the speed and the direction of a Frisbee, testing the reaction and the agility of their dog.

If your dog exceeds your expectations when it comes to catching a flying disc, you can even enter your pet into a tournament!

Dog lying on ground chewing on toy

Food Toys

This toy is the culmination of everything dogs love. Dogs love to play, dogs love food, dogs love to chew, dogs love treat dispensing toys! If you are busy and have no time to play with an excessively energetic pet, a toy with some food inside might buy you a couple of hours. Be careful about the choice of food inside a toy and adhere to your dog's diet.