How to Pick the Perfect Dog House

Even if your dog is only outside for a small amount of time, a dog house will give them the privacy and protection from the elements they require. In cold climates, a dog house will need an insulated floor; in hot climates, it should be protected from the sun. Placing the house under a tree can achieve this nicely. You could learn how to build a dog house yourself, but if you choose to purchase one, there is sure to be a dog house design to fit your needs.

Tips for Building a Dog House

There are some things to keep in mind when building a dog house to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet:

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    • Dog house kits and free dog house plans are available, but be prepared to make adjustments to fit your dog's needs.
    • Proper ventilation is important. A few ventilation holes around the eaves are fine. Make sure there is a wind block so drafts from the holes do not chill your dog.
    • It is best not to sit the dog house directly on the ground. Placing it on few planks of wood will ensure proper drainage as well as discourage pests.
    • The ceiling should be two feet above the dog when it's standing, but the house should be fairly cozy so the dog can warm it with body heat.
    • Make the roof removable or at least able to open to make it easy to clean inside.

Dog House Styles

    1. The igloo dog house is one of the most popular ones out there. This dome-shaped design is ready to use, though it will need a dog bed for increased comfort and insulation. They are available in several sizes, so you can get the one that is right for your dog. Their main drawback to the igloo dog house is that they are not very attractive and some are too lightweight for lifetime use, especially in harsher climates.
    2. Traditional style dog houses can also be purchased premade. These can be much more attractive than the igloo styles. Their main drawback is price, as they can be expensive.
    3. Indoor dog houses are available. These take the place of a kennel. They offer a comforting place for the dog and are attractive, but they don't work well for puppy training or as a safe place when you are away from home because they don't have doors.

Regardless of whether you buy or build your dog house, the three most important factors to consider are insulation, ventilation and size. A dog house will help keep your pet happy and safe for years to come.