Dog Grooming 101

Dogs get dirty. Most people accept this as part of owning a dog, since the animals tend to live outside and love to give into their instincts of digging in the dirt or rolling around in the mud. However, while dogs are not meant to bathe as often as humans, grooming is an important part of owning a dog. After all, while dogs have protective oils in their fur, failure to remove dirt and grime may negatively affect dog health, especially as it provides a fertile breeding ground for pests. Dog grooming also removes dead hair, meaning that less dog hair is likely to show up indoors, on clothing or in the car.

Doing It Yourself

Most people choose to groom their dogs themselves. While this can be difficult, there are many advantages, particularly the fact that it helps keep down the cost. Grooming equipment is generally very affordable and available at many pet stores, although it may be possible to buy them for less at a dog grooming supply website.

Dog grooming is more complicated than it sounds because dogs generally do not like being washed, and care is required to keep them from panicking and hurting themselves or their groomer. Because of this, many pet stores offer dog grooming training to ensure that the dogs are properly cared for. Some people also choose to go to take classes, especially if their dog is a breed with unusual fur or they intend to groom it in a complicated fashion.

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Dog Grooming Services

In addition to do-it-yourself dog grooming, there are many places that provide professional services. Many pet shops now offer dog grooming services, and there are also dog groomers who operate independently. Most of these groomers have their own shop and may also be affiliated with local pet stores. There are also mobile dog grooming companies, which will drive out to a location and conduct the grooming on site using their own supplies.

Choosing a Dog Groomer

The best way to select a dog groomer is by talking to their customers and finding out how good they are at their job. Dog grooming is something best learned by lots of hands-on experience, so it is essential for dog owners to choose a groomer who has been at it for a while and is very familiar with how dogs behave when being groomed. The quality of care, both in the grooming of the dog and in keeping it calm and comfortable, is really something that can only be gleaned from the opinions of previous customers.