Dog Clothes are Available for All Breeds

Dogs deserve the best because, quite frankly, they give us the best of themselves. One of the ways dog owners show their appreciation for their best friends is to buy dog clothes. According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent $10.3 billion on pet supplies in 2008, including dog clothes and accessories. But it's not just about fashion; you may be surprised to discover that some dogs actually need dog clothes, and some accessories are a matter of dog safety.

Common Dog Clothes and Accessories

It can be more fun shopping for dog clothes than it is shopping for clothes for yourself. The clothes are usually cheaper, and dogs tend to look pretty good in everything. Young puppies tolerate wearing tiny dog clothes very well, because it seems like a fun new game. If you have an older dog that has never worn dog clothes before, you should try cheap dog clothes first to see its reaction before you invest heavily.

But even if your hound won't tolerate a hoodie, there are many other accessories that you and your best friend can shop for, including:

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Choosing the Right Dog Clothes for Your Pet

Think about why you want your dog to have clothes. Is it just to be cute, or do the clothes serve a purpose? If you have a dog that easily gets sunburned (like a Chinese Crested), then getting light T-shirts or jackets is essential. If you live in an area with very cold winters and you have a short-haired dog, then getting boots and a jacket would help keep it warm outdoors.

Avoid any dog clothes that cover up the tail. Tails are a vital means of communication for the species, so covering up the tail can get the dog into a misunderstanding with another dog. Also avoid any dog clothing with fake (or real) crystals or any decorations that could easily fall off and be swallowed.

Designer dog clothes are not essential. All that matters is your dog is comfortable with the clothes, they fit, and they don't make your dog itch or breathe funny. Also avoid overly big dog clothes, as these can pose a tripping hazard.

Big dogs generally don't like dog clothing, although they may love bandanas and hats. Many small dogs seem to not just tolerate but even revel in small dog clothes. They like the attention they get.

With the variety of items and even wider array of styles, dog fashion offers almost as much choice as its people-oriented counterpart. Whether it's fashion or function you're after, you're sure to find the right fit!