What is Cat Furniture?

The world of fickle felines offers few sights as entertaining, heartwarming and often downright comical, as watching your cat entertain itself. The transformation from suave, debonair, sophisticated lap cat, into nature's rough-and-tumble, wiggly wild child is a joy to behold. This experience is only heightened when these activities are conducted upon furniture that has been purchased specifically for the purpose.

Fun Ideas for Feline Furniture

There are literally thousands of available options in the cat furniture market, including items such as cat condos, drinking fountains, cat trees, stairs and scratching posts. The decision as to what type of furniture is right for your cat is based largely upon its personality. Some cats are very playful, loving to run, slide, pounce and climb. Others are grouped into the "Garfield" category, with the largest part of their day spent on rest and relaxation, and most of their physical exercise coming by way of a trip to the food bowl. Most of the furniture options listed below come in many styles, colors and variations. The majority, with exception to the outdoor houses, are covered in carpet or fabric, making them safer and allowing them to serve a dual purpose, as scratching posts.

Options for the Lounge Cat

  • Cat condos: These structures come complete with built-in hiding holes and can make the perfect hangout for your flabby tabby to enjoy the good life.
  • Cat caves and castles: Most cats love dark spaces, and these smaller versions of cat condos can be the perfect solution for apartments, where space is at a premium.

Options for the Climbing Cat

  • Cat trees: What better way for an indoor cat to play and exercise, or an outdoor cat to stay fit during bad weather? These tall climbing structures can provide hours of exercise and entertainment for your cat.
  • Kitty gym: Whether you have a finicky cat or multiple cats with different personalities, this item provides options for exercise, rest and play. The best thing about the gym is that it often forces even the laziest cat to do a little exercise when attempting to reach its upper levels.

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Options for the Jack of All Trades Cat

  • Cat house: Like its predecessor the dog house, this option provides safety and security for your cats when they are outside.
  • Condo trees: For the best of both worlds, a condo tree allows for climbing exercises, multiple levels for exploration and play and secluded resting spots inside.

Furniture Safety

For older cats, a tall structure such as a cat tree may not be the best bet. The same goes for cats that have been declawed and don't have the gripping and traction capabilities to safely climb a tall structure. In cases such as these, consider lower types of furniture or options that don't involve climbing, like caves, castles or padded furniture.

On the other hand, if you find that you have a daredevil who enjoys partaking in gravity-defying maneuvers, make sure that taller furniture is stable and secure before unleashing your tiny ball of fury. An improperly secured 5- or 6-foot cat tree can be dangerous not only to your cat, but to children and furnishings inside your home.

Build Cat Furniture Yourself and Save Money

Having pets can be costly for sure. The cost of brand new cat trees, condos or gyms can begin under $100 but move quickly into the $400 to $600 range or more! Your cat probably has a tendency to make your furniture its furniture, so there you might be inclined to spend a lot of money to appease this aggravating habit. There are, however, other options for cheap cat furniture:

  • EBay/garage sales: While the items may or may not be brand new, you can find one heck of a deal. Just make sure the item you are purchasing is still sturdy, safe and clean.
  • Build your own: Typically, with some plywood, carpeting, a few nails and a staple gun, you can make your own cat contraption and save a ton of money in the process. Just make sure it's stable and there are no sharp edges protruding when you are finished.