Finding Cat Breeders

Cats are amazing creatures. They entertain us with their aloof humor and never cease to amaze us with their dexterity. Buying a kitten is an experience in and of itself. While you may be able to find a mixed breed kitten cheaply, the best way to know what you will get as an adult in size, looks and temperament is to go to a reliable breeder.

The Role of Cat Breeders

While indiscriminate breeding is always a downfall for any breed in any species, good breeders are worth their weight in gold as a means to keep breeds alive and healthy. Backyard breeders is a term used often to describe individuals who breed occasional litters from two parents that might be registered but are not judged based on quality prior to mating. Too often those types of litters result in animals that barely resemble the type and temperament of the true breed they represent.

Cat mills, just like puppy mills, are the exaggeration of a backyard breeder. Also often taking place in private homes, farms or other spacious areas, these breeders do the most damage to breeds of cats. A true cat breeder will take great care in choosing the parents of a litter. They often operate out of their homes, but their animals are clean, healthy, well-tested for hereditary diseases, and most of them attend and compete in cat shows to help them better judge the animals they are using in their programs.

Cat shows are more than just glorified beauty contests. It is easy for a cat owner to be blind to the faults of their pets. It's not really a lack of desire to produce good animals, it's just that they simply do not know what is good, and are often unable to see it because of their love for their pet.

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Identifying Reputable Cat Breeders

There are many breeds of cats, but knowing any good breeder, such as Siamese cat breeders or Bengal cat breeders, is basically going to use the same method of deduction. Do they keep clean kennels or house their animals as a part of the family in clean surroundings? Do they have regular records of veterinary care? Do their animals look like a good representation of the breed, and have show results to back it up?

For a more specific example, say you're looking for ragdoll cat breeders you should expect to see the slack body type typical of the ragdoll breed when you see their cats. Most of all, their animals should look happy, respond well to them and be accepting of strangers without showing fear or aggression.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When you look for a breeder, whether you are seeking Maine coon or Burmese cat, remember that there are scammers out there who do not care about the welfare or quality of life of their animals. Never purchase a kitten without being able to see the premises in which they are bred, and make sure there is a healthy guarantee that covers all major illnesses that may appear over time, not just a few days from purchase.

A good breeder will care about the home their kittens are going to as well so do not be put off by a lot of questions about who you use as a veterinarian, other pets, family members and such. They are not trying to point out shortcomings; they just want to be sure you are fully aware of the type of commitment required, and that you have the information you need to have a long and happy life with your new pet.

Good cat breeders will always be available to you after the purchase of your pet to answer questions regarding health, training and incorporating your new kitten into your family. They should provide you with contact information so that you can easily get a hold of them if any questions arise.