Take Them with You

Traveling is stressful. Traveling with your pet, however, brings a new level of stress.

Luckily, pet hotels are popping up all over and becoming more and more popular. You no longer have to stress (too much, at least) about finding a hotel that will accommodate both you and your pet. It can still be a bit difficult to find hotels, or, once you do, to know exactly what their rules and regulations are.

With this in mind, we’ve put together this guide on what to expect when you travel with your pet and stay at a hotel.

How to Find Pet Hotels

Thank goodness for the internet. Now, there’s a simple way to find out if a hotel offers pet services! By simply searching for pet hotels in a specific area, you should get results that tell you whether or not they allow pets to stay with their owner overnight.

There are also handy databases that list hotels that are pet-friendly, though it might not be 100% accurate as their rules and services may change over time.

It’s always important to call these hotels before booking a room and committing to stay there with your animal. Sometimes, hotels change their mind and decide to not offer pet services any longer, and forget to update their information online. This can happen, so always make sure you double check and call the hotel before making any decisions.

What to Expect

While pet-friendly hotels expect animals to spend the night, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed (which are detailed below). For the most part, as long as you know what your hotel’s policies are, you should have an easy enough stay.

Almost every pet-friendly hotel has an area specifically for dogs to relieve themselves.

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For the most part, every hotel has fees for animals that stay there. The amount of these fees ranges depending on where you’re staying. Always ask beforehand what the fees for pets are, so you’re not taken by surprise. Sometimes, it’s just a deposit they ask for, which you then get back after you check out (as long as nothing is damaged or wrong with the room, of course).

Now, every pet-friendly hotel is different. Some are nicer than others. There are some great pet hotels that actually supply you with dog or cat food, water for your pet, leashes, pet bedding, and sometimes, even services such as walking or grooming.

This isn’t available at every pet hotel, but it’s always nice to find out that there are some that go above and beyond in customer (and pet) service.

Common Rules

While every hotel has its own set of rules, there are some common rules and regulations at pet-friendly hotels that are universal.

There are certain hotels that can limit the number of pets you bring, or have, in one hotel room, so you should always make sure and let the hotel know if you’re traveling with more than one animal. Some hotels also only allow certain sizes of animals (depending on weight, usually). For example, a lot of hotels only offer services to small dogs, which isn’t helpful if you have a Great Dane.

Some pet-friendly hotels only offer services to dogs, some only to cats, and some to both. There aren’t a lot that offer services to more exotic pets, though it’s always safe to ask. Make sure you know which pets are welcome before you book a room. If you decide to bring an animal that isn’t welcome, the hotel can fine you.

Some hotels let your animals stay in the room with you, but they have to be kenneled at all times. For the most part, pet-friendly hotels require your animals to be leashed at all times. A lot of time, pets aren’t allowed on any of the furniture in the hotel. If your dog is used to jumping up on the couch, or in bed with you, bring extra sheets to lay on the furniture so they don’t damage or dirty it in any way.

Finally, your dog does need to be trained if you plan on staying at a pet-friendly hotel. Dogs that bark frequently, or untrained animals that relieve themselves in the room, will not make for a pleasant experience for you or for the hotel, and definitely not for your dog. Make sure your pet is highly trained before you begin to travel with them.

While each hotel varies, it’s always safe to get the pet policies in writing so you know what to expect. Once you have all the information you need to make an informed decision, you’ll be able to choose whether or not the hotel is a good fit for you and your pet.