Get Rid of that Pet Smell

Family pets are great companions, no doubt about that. However, often the smell they leave behind leaves a lot to be desired. While putting up with a certain amount of odor comes with the territory of owning a pet, there are ways to control or remove pet odor so that you're not embarrassed when company comes over.

Pet Odor

Often strong pet odor in your home is caused by an unclean pet, poor air ventilation in your home or the presence of pet waste or urine.

The first two causes are easily remedied. For an unclean pet, simply wash them with pet shampoos and soaps and clean all the areas in which they sleep. Poor air ventilation can be fixed by purchasing air purifiers and opening up your windows at every opportunity. However, simply cleaning up pet waste may not permanently remove all of the associated smells.

Pet Odor Removal

The first rule of pet odor removal is that pets and carpets don't mix! Pet smells get soaked up in the carpet and underpad, and linger there for years. Cleaning the spills on the surface will rarely make a lasting difference, as the offending materials are still present beneath the carpet. Changes in temperature between the sub-floor and carpet can cause smells and stains to reappear weeks or months after they've been cleaned.

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To eliminate pet odor and stains requires thorough cleaning of the top and back of the carpet, replacing any of the contaminated portions of the underpad, plus treating or replacing parts of the sub-flooring itself if the mess has been left for too long. Needless to say, this isn't a job for the faint of heart. You can pay for a professional cleaning of this type, or do it yourself if you have the time. Even so, there is still a chance that some of the pet odor may remain.

Pet Odor Control

Successful pet odor control requires planning in advance. Before you even purchase a pet, you may opt to remove or limit their access to the carpets in your home. If you buy a kitten or puppy, be prepared to paper train them in an area that is easy to clean. Purchase cleaning supplies in advance that say pet odor remover or pet odor eliminator right on the label. Higher quality products may feature enzymes to help further break down smells, but you'll still have to clean right down to the sub-floor if you want to succeed at removing pet odor.