Hypoallergenic Is the Way to Go

Do you want to adopt a cat, but feel like you can’t because of your allergies? Then you may not know about hypoallergenic cats!

Hypoallergenic cats are classified as “low allergy” pets, meaning a lot of people that have normal cat allergies aren’t affected by the presence of these cats. To be clear, there are no cats that are 100% free of allergens. However, there are cats that produce a much less quantity of allergen than other cats normally do.

That’s why people with allergies love to adopting hypoallergenic cats, as they can actually live with them quite peacefully without any allergic reactions. So, what types of hypoallergenic cats are the most popular?


The Siberian cat is probably the most popular hypoallergenic breed around. These cats are well known for their long fur, which gives them quite the coat. Their origins trace back to Russia, which makes their heavy coats seem quite realistic. Now, they are favorite house cats around the world.

Siberian cats tend to be incredibly playful and make great companions in a large family with children. They’re also quite friendly with strangers, even though they are not very vocal. However, it is worth noting, because of their fur, they do require more grooming than the average cat.

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