Get Your Cat a Personalized Cat Collar

A collar enhances a cat's safety, by letting the world know that it is someone's treasured companion. A well-chosen collar can also enhance a cat's appearance, and there are even cat collars available which can help locate a cat that wanders off. There are so many useful and beautiful cat collars that it can be hard to choose one. Here are some helpful tips for selecting a collar, or a wardrobe of collars, for your cat.

Get the Right Cat Collar

Think about how the collar is going to be used. Are you looking for designer cat collars? Many designers are cat lovers too, and some of them produce stylish products for upscale cats. Not all cat owners are looking for fancy cat collars, though. Some just want to signal that the cat is not a stray, and perhaps have a place to attach a leash on occasion.

Others want additional security for their animal, such as personalized cat collars. These collars have tags displaying owner information and a number to call. Some custom collars have the cat name and owner contact information woven right into them.

For added safety, there is the collar with a break-away clip. If it snags on something, the collar opens, assuring that the cat will never be caught by the collar. Some of these come in colors that glow at night, or with tags that glow, as well.

Flea and tick collars are available to keep the cat free of parasites, and they work well. They are often unnecessary, though, for indoor cats who never encounter fleas. Another collar with a medical use is the Elizabethan collar, or e-collar, used to keep a cat from licking or biting himself while healing from a wound.

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The Advantages of Electronic Cat Collars

Many pet owners have cat doors to allow their small friend access to a deck or patio. These are a great convenience for the owner as well as the cat, but they do have one drawback: uninvited guests may come to call. Whether it's the cat next door or the raccoons from the park, you want to have control over who visits your home. One solution is a special cat door that comes with an electronic cat collar. Only the cat can activate the door and come and go through it.

Another form of electronic cat collar is designed to warn birds. For cats that are dangerous to birds, this collar emits a beeping alarm and may also have a flashing light. Some cat owners say that this is an effective device, while others report that it bothers cats who have never yet caught a bird anyway.

Fitting the Collar

It is crucial that the collar fit properly. The cat may try to remove it at first, so it is important that it be tight enough that the cat cannot slip it off. On the other hand, there should be room for two fingers between the collar and the cat's neck. This way, the collar will not impede the cat's breathing, or rub away or break off fur.

If the collar is for a kitten, there are many adjustable styles that can grow along with the cat. Alternatively, the owner can simply change collars and styles as the cat grows.

Choosing suitable cat collars can be a chore, but it's important to give it some thought. It can also be fun to find the collar that brings out the cat's personality. It's one more way that pet owners can show cats they care.