Best Pet Subscription Boxes

We all love our pets and we want to do our best for them ― that’s only natural. In fact, lots of us dote on our pets like they’re our first-born children ― a lot of us even refer to pets as our kids! So, what do we like to do for our “kids"? We like to surprise them with fun stuff to chew, learn and play with, of course.

With that in mind, and knowing about pet boxes, we asked the inevitable: is a pet box subscription right for your pet?

We did our research and were pleasantly surprised. There are a large number of entrepreneurial firms selling quality pet subscription boxes in the United States and Canada. Some large but many small family businesses are offering real value to pet parent subscribers in customer service, quality products and rescue charities.

Your pet will love getting a special reward each month. And you’ll be thrilled with the great products and charitable value fetched with your subscription.

By now, most pet parents have heard of subscription pet boxes. But if you haven’t, they are an assortment of new goodies picked and packed for your special pet and shipped to your door once a month. The costs range from about $20 to $40 a month depending on the company’s pricing levels and the type of subscription (or goodies) you’ve selected.

Why We Like Pet Boxes

  • Pet safe: all products are chosen by pet experts
  • Hassle-free: no weekend shopping trips for pet toys and treats
  • Item costs: much less than local retail pet stores
  • Pet support: these companies support rescue and homeless pets
  • Safe: most edibles and toys are American-made
  • Variety: there’s new stuff packed in every monthly box
  • Shipping: it’s free to most, but there may be a small fee to some destinations

Best Pet Subscription Boxes

Surprisingly, there really is no single “best” company offering pet box subscriptions. At least that is our take. So the following list should not be construed as a ranking per se ― it is simply a list.

Each company expertly handpicks the items shipped for your pet, and each one does a uniquely great job for a very fair price.


Barkbox is dogs-only but one of the first in this niche and much loved by over 600,000 subscribing dog parents. They're highly recommended and noted for their expert selection of top quality toys, treats, training aids, collars and much more.


As the Bullymake website lead-in says: “A Monthly Box for Power Chewers.” Make no mistake, this supplier is for tough dogs who are bent on total toy destruction. Their U.S.A.-designed toys are guaranteed to last up to 14 days with the most aggressive chewers. If your bully dog destroys the toy within 14 days, they’ll ship a new one free of charge.

Surprise My Pet

In business since 2015, Surprise My Pet is a small, family-owned company based in Indiana. Each month you’ll get five to seven heartfelt and handpicked toys and treats valued at $35 to $45 for your best friend from America’s heartland.

They not only donate to pet charities, but they’ll do it locally in each subscriber’s name. Not just for dogs ― Surprise My Pet has cat plans too! Plus, the shipping is included in the monthly fee, so there are no extra charges. It just doesn’t get much better than that!

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Just for dogs, but what a refreshing joy this company is. PupJoy is extremely dedicated to humane animal rescue and rehab. The company donates $2 to the Bissell Pet Foundation for every pet box sold. 100% of every donation goes to homeless pet welfare charities.

Besides that very important support, we like that PupJoy allows you to create your own boxes. That’s right ― you can choose from a huge selection of toys, treats, gear and training aids to meet the needs and likes of your pooch. They also make it really easy to gift boxes to your pet-loving friends and relatives.


Another great pet rescue charity supporter, Rescue Box also makes it easy to gift a subscription to a pet-loving relative, friend or even animal shelter. And, they do cat gift boxes too!

Their mission statement is simple but eloquent: “Spoil Your Pet. Help Animals In Need.” For every month you subscribe, Rescue Box donates five pounds of pet food and two vaccinations to shelters in need of help.

So there you have it ― our five picks of pet box subscription companies. There are many good companies out there for you to research and choose. We have merely chosen to list the five that we think excel on many levels. Charity, product quality and customer service are key to our choices and we believe you’ll agree. We hope our list helps you determine if a pet box subscription is right for your pet ― and you!