What’s Best for Your Pet?

Planning the perfect getaway can be difficult when some of family members aren’t human. There can be a lot of stress when it comes to finding proper care for your beloved pet in your absence. Deciding what style of care to choose will ultimately be based on three factors: type of animal, length of your vacation, and budget.

What are your best options for pet sitting? Are there sitters available for all types of pets? This is an important decision, and one that should leave you with peace of mind so that you can actually enjoy your vacation. There are a number of pet sitting options you can choose from for your pets.

Boarding Kennels and Catteries

Boarding kennels and catteries are common options that come to mind. These facilities are literally made to house your pet while you are away. Some, certainly, are more lavish than others. There are some that even boast resort-style service with luxury suites.

As you can imagine, such grandeur means starting with a budget that is already quite flexible. However, not all facilities will be so immaculate. You should always be sure to research the kennel beforehand to ensure the level of care you expect for your pet.

Another consideration to keep in mind when choosing a kennel, or cattery, is the amount of exposure your pet will be having with other pets. This makes prior veterinary care essential, so make sure all of the proper vaccinations have been administered to your pet.

Because there are a greater amount of pets in a kennel, there is a greater chance of your beloved furry friend becoming ill during their stay. Most facilities will have protocols in place in case of medical emergencies.

Vet playing with dog in front of kennels

Veterinary Hospitals

Did you know that many veterinary hospitals also provide boarding services? They are often in a separate building, or other secluded area of the clinic, in order to keep the boarded pets from those awaiting treatment. While these settings are certainly not as luxurious as specialized boarding facilities, boarding with a veterinary hospital allows the advantage of having trained medical staff with your pet.

This is extremely advantageous for pets that are elderly and need multiple medications, a pet who is diabetic, or one that may be on a course of antibiotics. Whatever the case may be, veterinary hospital boarding can provide peace of mind for those whose pets require more medical attention.

However, because space is more limited at veterinary hospitals, you may find that there are more restrictions as to whether or not the stay is feasible. When it comes to other options for pet sitting, specialized care can also come in the form of an independent pet sitter.

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Independent Pet Sitter, or Home Boarding

With today’s technology, it is all too easy to reach out and find a pet sitter. This option is likely one of the more versatile in terms of what type of animals you may be able to find care for, as boarding facilities and veterinary hospitals are set up to care for dogs and cats.

But, what if you’re leaving Spike, the iguana, at home? Who’s going to feed the fish? What if the power goes out? What if the hamster’s water runs out? These are hurdles that some pet owners face when booking a vacation. Some may even think it’s impossible to find a pet sitting, but thankfully, it’s not!

Home boarding can be accomplished three ways: the pet stays with the sitter at their place of residence, the sitter stays at your residence to remain constantly vigilant, or the sitter makes multiple trips to your residence to check-in with your pet.

By utilizing apps and websites that are backed by reliable companies, you can expand your horizons in terms of finding the proper care for your pet while you’re away. Not comfortable with a stranger watching over your pet? Using social media and group conversations can also help you get the word out to family and friends who may be able to take on the responsibility.

The stress of preparing for pet care during your vacation and finding the perfect pet sitting option can be overwhelming, but the whole point of booking this getaway is so you can relax. Before booking your dream vacation, do yourself a favor: research local options, read reviews, and find the perfect sitter to match your budget as well as your expectations.