Veterinary Hospitals

Did you know that many veterinary hospitals also provide boarding services? They are often in a separate building, or other secluded area of the clinic, in order to keep the boarded pets from those awaiting treatment. While these settings are certainly not as luxurious as specialized boarding facilities, boarding with a veterinary hospital allows the advantage of having trained medical staff with your pet.

This is extremely advantageous for pets that are elderly and need multiple medications, a pet who is diabetic, or one that may be on a course of antibiotics. Whatever the case may be, veterinary hospital boarding can provide peace of mind for those whose pets require more medical attention.

However, because space is more limited at veterinary hospitals, you may find that there are more restrictions as to whether or not the stay is feasible. When it comes to other options for pet sitting, specialized care can also come in the form of an independent pet sitter.

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