Wiggly Noses and Long Ears

If you’re looking for a pet with personality, you may find your interests steering towards rabbits. These quirky, fun, and cute companions can be an ideal addition to the family. There are many breeds of rabbits to choose from, so finding the right one may seem overwhelming at first.

The best thing to keep in mind is whether you are truly committed to sharing your household with a rabbit. They don’t make for good “starter” pets, as they require much more specialized care than other small animals. Finding a veterinarian for your rabbit can be difficult, too. On top of that, they are a long-term commitment, as most rabbits live well into their teens.

If you’ve put some time and serious thought into bringing a rabbit into your home, but aren’t quite sure which type to get, consider our list of some of the most popular breeds.

Mini Rex Rabbits

Mini Rex rabbits (literally a miniature version of Rex rabbits) are friendly, curious athletes. They are very inquisitive and like to get into mischief. Not only are they fun, but their fur feels amazing too.

Their thick, plush coat makes them very pleasant to pet and cuddle with. The density and softness of their fur is often likened to that of a chinchilla. In fact, you may hear these rabbits referred to as “Velveteen” rabbits in reference to how wonderfully soft they are. Another plus is that their coat doesn’t require any routine maintenance. You can find these rabbits in many different colors and combinations.

As for temperament, Mini Rex rabbits are generally calm and quiet bunnies, which makes them an excellent rabbit for new pet owners and children. They will respond to entertainment and play, and should be provided with plenty of toys.

Lionhead Rabbits

As a relatively new bunny breed for the United States, the Lionhead rabbit has certainly gained fame quickly, and won the hearts of rabbit enthusiasts. Between looks and personality, it’s no wonder they are so popular.

These rabbits sport a wooly mane that is typically around two inches in length. This mane is where their name originates from. Their coat requires regular maintenance and should be brushed through at least every 2 to 3 days in order to avoid matting. Mats in the fur should always be readily addressed, as they can lead to intense discomfort.

Lionhead rabbits are very friendly and easily form bonds with their owners. However, they can be somewhat needy, and require lots of attention. They will enjoy toys but are also happy to simply play around with their human companions and then curl up in your lap afterwards.

Holland Lop Rabbits

The Holland Lop is another type of dwarf breed, and usually weighs between 2 to 4 pounds. Their floppy ears are a signature feature. These spunky bunnies are curious, and love to have the freedom to roam around outside of their enclosure.

Their coat comes in a variety of colors and combinations, but is always soft and dense. Luckily, their fur doesn’t require any heavy maintenance. Typically, a weekly (or even bi-weekly) brushing does the trick. Just be sure to increase frequency when they start to shed in the Spring.

These rabbits truly flourish when they are able to regularly interact outside of their enclosure. If kept indoors, it is advised to allow the rabbit access to a particular room. It’s best not to allow for free range of the entire house, as these rabbits will have no problem getting themselves into trouble.

Holland Lop rabbits are active and will even enjoy a romp outdoors if the weather is appropriate.

Polish Rabbits

Tipping the scales at 2 to 3.5 pounds, the Polish rabbit is another dwarf breed. Their big eyes, full cheeks, and short ears complete their cute, compact look. These stout sweeties are definitely an easy favorite.

You’ll see their short, plush fur come in a few different colors and spotted patterns. Keeping it well maintained is quite easy. A weekly brushing usually does the trick, with increased care while shedding occurs.

Polish rabbits absolutely adore attention! They are happy to be picked up and cuddled by their owners. These bunnies are friendly, calm characters with a knack for learning tricks. They can even be litter-trained, which makes them ideal housemates.

Mini Lop Rabbits

This last lop on the list is a smart, playful, and affectionate bunny. Mini Lop rabbits are extremely popular among experienced enthusiasts, and are highly recommended for first time pet owners. As adults, these rabbits weigh anywhere from 4.5 to 6 pounds.

Their soft, luxurious coat comes in a variety of colors and combinations. A weekly brushing is all that is needed to help keep this rabbit looking good. An increased frequency will be necessary while they are shedding, which happens about two times a year.

These cuddly characters are adorable and sweet-natured, which makes them excellent pets packed with personality. They enjoy plenty of time outside of their enclosure and will appreciate different toys to keep them occupied, as well as plenty of their owner’s attention.

While looking for the perfect rabbit to bring into your family, keep in mind some key factors such as adult size, how much space they will require, their activity level, and their temperament. Rabbits can be tricky pets and aren’t advised for every family.

However, for those who can put in the time and commitment towards these furry friends, many will find the reward of their companionship is worth the effort.