Who Doesn't Love Photos of their Pet?

If you've spent any amount of time surfing around online, chances are that you've come across some cute pet pictures. Whether they are inspiring or funny, animals hold an almost universal appeal and make great subject matter for photos. With a little imagination, there's no reason your pet can't be one of them. Pet photography is a rewarding pursuit for pet lovers and photography hobbyists alike.

Pet Photos

Pet photos are a great way to share your pet with friends and family or announce the arrival of a new pet. You can get great pet pictures by either hiring a professional or taking them yourself. If you decide to hire a professional, you can choose any photographer or go the extra mile to find one that specializes in pet photography. Either way, you should review a photographer's portfolio of pet photos before you choose to work with them. Rates will vary for photographers depending on their experience and paying more won't necessarily give you better results; it's up to you to choose one that suits your needs.

The great thing about pet photography is that you don't need to be a professional to take great photos yourself. Yes, a professional will have the expertise and access to expensive equipment, but the great equalizer is that no one knows your pet as well as you do. You can use your understanding of your pet to highlight its personality and capture it forever in a photo.

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Some general pet photography guidelines include:

  • Use natural lighting by taking photos outside or close to a window.
  • Don't use a flash – it can cause red-eye and distort the fine details of your pet.
  • Photograph your pet at its level rather than from above.
  • Take crisp close-up photos that bring out markings and textures of the fur.
  • Be patient and take plenty of photographs.

Practice makes perfect. The more photos you take, the better you'll get. You can also search online for pet photos that you like and attempt to recreate them yourself. When you feel that you have a few excellent photographs of your pet, you may consider getting involved in contest pet photography. Pet photo contests are held online, where you can submit your own pet pictures to be eligible to win prizes.

Pet Portraits

Pet portraits by a talented artist take pet imagery to a whole new level. The first step to commissioning a painting is a great photograph. Getting your pet to hold the perfect pose long enough for the portrait to be made is unlikely, so having a pet photography portrait is a great alternative to bringing them to the artist's studio. Just bring in your favorite pet photograph and ask the artist to give you a quote on the cost to turn it into a portrait. Again, you should review the artist's portfolio and fees, and settle on a deadline before you decide to hire them.